He remains popular internationally, especially among Canadian basketball fans, and that will only continue as he improves on the court. Basketball is a global sport where international appeal matters. Plus, since he’s already signed to Adidas, it has a jump on showcasing his success to an international audience.

The biggest reason Wiggins doesn’t have as much national appeal now is because the Timberwolves haven’t been good. Adding Karl Anthony-Towns to the mix as the Wolves’ best player didn’t help Wiggins’ shoe stock, even if it made the Timberwolves better.

But the Wolves have made solid moves this offseason and should compete for a top-five seed in the West. Making the playoffs would be huge for Wiggins’ stature, even if he’s not the first- or second-best player on his team with Jimmy Butler in the fold.

Elite Kids D’Onta Foreman Jersey The year following Thompson’s deal, it was Smith’s turn to get paid. After all, he had turned himself into a legitimate two-way wing and was integral in bringing Cleveland its first-ever NBA championship in 2016.

But again, Cavaliers management hedged on paying its role players, especially one who would be 34 in the final year of the deal. The discrepancy in pay led to a contract holdout that led to more than three missed weeks of training camp.
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Smith and Cleveland eventually agreed on a four-year, $57 million contract with $45 million guaranteed.

But Minnesota finished No. 29 in defensive efficiency overall (despite the presence of Karl-Anthony Towns and Ricky Rubio) and advanced defensive metrics like adjusted plus-minus grade Wiggins quite harshly.