“He cut us a break last year, came back to us on a one-year deal,” Hoyer said. “He put his money where his mouth is. It’s a good lesson for everyone. He bet on himself and bet on being involved in something special. Something he can be really proud of.”

Hoyer went on to say that baseball Britton Colquitt Womens Jersey front offices do a good job of looking into their future, as everyone knows years ahead of time when players will become free agents. That works for players, as well — Fowler bet on himself knowing that a weak free-agent class was coming, and he was right.

One longtime agent thinks Fowler will get a minimum of four years and $60 million, while ESPN’s Jim Bowden estimates Fowler cashing in for upward of five years and $80 million. The Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets have shown interest in the 30-year-old, according to league sources.

Should the Cubs do what it takes to keep him? Let’s examine both options.

This year’s free-agent class is light on top-tier talent and depth, but there’s plenty of power to go around, including a few 40-homer guys.

If the Cubs ante up for Fowler, they’ll have to open up space in an outfield with too many bodies, especially with the return of Kyle Schwarber and the emergence of Baez at second base. Jason Heyward has seven years remaining on his deal, Ben Zobrist Cam Johnson Womens Jersey is signed for three more years, while Jorge Soler is also locked up and Almora appears ready for more playing time.

This kind of depth would be a good problem to have, though, and with Fowler in the fold, others would become expendable. Perhaps Almora becomes a centerpiece in a deal for young pitching. Or maybe it’s Baez. At this point, Soler would be a complementary piece, but it’s safe to assume he can be had in the right trade.

A commitment to Fowler would tie up the Cubs’ payroll and bank on him being productive into his mid-30s. The Cubs are already doing that with Zobrist and will eventually do so with Heyward, but outside of the core young players, was there anyone more valuable than Fowler in 2016?