WNBA Draft 2017: Welcome to the Plum Show

Kelsey Plum, the standout guard from Washington and the NCAAs all-time leading scorer in womens basketball, should be a deadlock for the number one pick in todays draft.

Or is she?
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Most basketball fans who know the game would say its obvious that the San Antonio Stars, who have the number one pick this year, should draft Plum. Shes been compared to James Harden, shes the deadliest three-point shooter available, and by far the best overall talent. Yet, word has it that the Stars may pass up on her.

But when Stephenson puts on the navy and gold Pacers uniform, you never know. It just feels different, like theres some X-factor that changes his ceiling and how great he can actually play. Game 1 was a perfect example of that ¡ª every shot he took just felt right, and he just about single-handedly made sure Indiana didnt fall behind for a couple minutes there in the fourth.

If Stephenson can play like this for a series, then yes, Indiana has a chance. They were a made 18-footer away from stealing Game 1 on the road, after all. Lance probably cant. Nothing he has done this season, or over the past three seasons, indicates that he can.

But back with the Pacers, you never know. Some of the little things Robinson does are just so damn impressive, if you know how hard it is to do them. On his cut off blocks, he tends to work to get between the defender and the hole, and he turns his hips toward the defender, to make sure his guy has no chance of making the play.

It looks easy, but trust me, it aint.

Game Mens Tyler Lockett Jersey Even if the argument for Ramczyk is that you want a right tackle instead of a left tackle, why not get the better tackle and move him over to the right?

Who should win NBA MVP? We debate the closest race in modern history

We’re in the middle of the most hotly contested NBA MVP race in years. Never have we been forced to choose among so many qualified candidates who are making history on a nightly basis for good teams. In a normal year, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, and James Harden would all be deserving.

But this is not a normal year, so we must pick one. Unfair as it may be to the three losers, this award can have only one winner. That does not diminish what all four players have accomplished, but it’s the reality of the situation.

To help us do that, we assembled a large crew for the first annual SB Nation NBA MVP debate. Our panelists:

Cleveland has not made up its mind at No. 1, per source. Split opinions. Some like Myles Garrett, some like Mitchell Trubisky. We will see.

Are the Browns really torn? It’s doubtful. The proverbial hay is in the barn at this point and this is probably nothing more than a smokescreen with Schefter’s source likely just trying to create some doubt surrounding the top pick with the draft just over two weeks away. It should be noted, however, that Trubisky is a Cleveland-area native.

That’s why I think it can be harder when those type of guys are going through competitions and stuff and like that because even though you’re trying to find the best guy, by trying to be fair to those quarterbacks you’re also being unfair to a team. You don’t really know what direction you’re going. So, if you have your pick of the best world, you’d like those guys to be somewhat similar, not just because that’s how you want the quarterbacks, just because of the work you’re doing for the rest of the guys on the roster.”

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How Super Bowl teams outsmart their competition in the NFL draft

On the latest episode of Future Consideration, we take a deep dive and look to see if the past 10 teams to appear in the Super Bowl (five years of conference champions) do anything in the NFL draft that deviates from the NFL average. These teams include multiple Patriots, Seahawks, and Broncos squads, as well as the Panthers, Falcons, 49ers, and Ravens.

Authentic Ryan Succop Jersey In doing this, we broke down picks by side of the ball and position groups on day one (first round), day two (second and third rounds), and day three (fourth through seventh rounds).
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For Bill Belichick, the Patriots draft boards are a dynamic piece of art, perpetually moving, often unlocking lines of code only the New England head coach can see. In 15 drafts, hes used his unique value system to make 54 trades, picking up Super Bowl standouts like Matt Light, Donta Hightower, Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, and Devin McCourty in the process.

But do the Patriots deserve a reputation for fleecing corroborating franchises on draft day? Has the impact of the players theyve brought into the league exceeded that of the athletes selected with the picks they abandoned?

The game has changed and so have the people who chronicle the league. Much of the coverage today takes place online, and many of the writers with national voices emerged from the digital sphere. What basketball coverage on the internet has done is raise the level of discourse. Its not that were smarter now, its that we have so much more access to information.

NCAA rule expands coach salaries as player compensation remains unchanged

There is never enough money to pay college football players. It’s one of the more common refrains from those who oppose athletes getting increased compensation. We’ve heard it from NCAA and team admins in court and in the press for years, even as the new College Football Playoff expanded one of many revenue streams.

Yet on Friday, the NCAA Division I Council approved a package of legislation, part of which allows teams to each hire a 10th assistant coach.
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Dion Jordan Mens Jersey As Nick Saban has pointed out, football’s ratio of players to on-field coaches has always been out of whack, when compared to other NCAA sports (though Saban also leads the nation in finding ways to add off-field coaches). At the top level, nine coaches for 85 scholarship players compares unfavorably to the other major-revenue sport, basketball, which allows four coaches for 13 scholarship players. Some smaller sports have one coach for every couple players.

But the Suns could be in for a busy summer, with a likely top-three pick in a draft heavy on point guards and Booker, at just 20, and Bledsoe ranking as their two most established players. The Suns have a number of players in the early stages of their development, such as Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender, Tyler Ulis, T.J. Warren, Alan Williams and Alex Len, but have struggled to established a clear-cut core to build around.

“We’re not as far away as it may appear, given our record,” McDonough told the Republic. “We obviously made a difficult trade [at the February deadline] sending P.J. Tucker to Toronto and made some lineup adjustments that affected our win total in the short term. Hopefully it will help our win total in the long term.

it seems Detroit should cruise to a win over Pittsburgh

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Based on its record alone, it seems Detroit should cruise to a win over Pittsburgh, but Sean Yuille of Pride of Detroit cautions the Steelers have been playing much better recently:

Since starting 0-4, the Steelers have been playing much better. They’ve won three of their last five games and shut down the offenses of the Jets, Ravens and Bills in the process. None of those teams have an offense like the Lions, but Pittsburgh has at least showed an ability to win games over the course of the last month. That wasn’t the case for the first month of the season.

Authentic Womens Justin Houston Jersey So you recently performed a concert and were watching a game at the same time? The Baylor game?

DR: [Laughs] Yeah we did, we did. We had a couple TVs on the stage for the Baylor game. We couldn鈥檛 miss it. It was a charity show we do every year, and we had to play that show. We couldn鈥檛 really postpone it or play later, because it鈥檚 a golf tournament, and the golfers are there, and they have to go to sleep. We can鈥檛 start playing at 10 o鈥檆lcok. So we decided it was best to just put TVs on the stage, and we did it.

That would be epic. [Laughs] That would be epic. The only words I can think of for that. Goodness gracious, yes. We already have a nice rivalry with barbecue and everything else 鈥?I can鈥檛 image what that would be like. There鈥檚 just that question of which is a better state, which is easy. I mean, South Carolina is a much better state. But just that rivalry of having the same name, with one north and one south. We get along, it鈥檚 great, but it鈥檚 that rivalry that鈥檚 always gonna be there. It鈥檚 like when you have that rival high school, or rival college. We鈥檙e the rival states.

Jones quickly responded to the decision made by his team’s owner and coach with gratitude.

After Jones’ felony charge was dropped, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and owner Mike Brown have both come to the veteran cornerback’s defense.

“His case continues to move forward. It will be whatever it is,” Lewis said.

“I’m going to give him a chance,” said Brown. “I hope it comes out right for him, for his family and for us. I know there are critics. I understand. But that is a full answer. And that’s what I have to say about it.”

Jones quickly responded to the decision made by his team’s owner and coach with gratitude.

During Griffin’s recovery you could sense that this avalanche was about to descend when Griffin started to indicate that he was ready before Shanahan thought he was. You could sense that a superstar athlete’s desire to play was turning into a bad thing, as the media invented a rift with his coach.

NFL fans look to players as characters. Story-lines are plots that fit within our soap opera of what we think football should be.

Our scandals are either based off of success — like bountygate and spygate — or because we’ve found a character that we can’t believe fits into our little perfect mold of a good guy or evil-doer. The fact that Richie Incognito could be pulled from central casting as a bully helped the Dolphins’ story go national.

The Redskins are and have been an average football team for the past year and a half. Their defense would be one of the worst in modern history were it not for DeAngelo Hall somehow scoring more TDs than their No. 2 receiver. Their offensive line is suspect, as is everyone else on the offense not named Alfred Morris or Pierre Garcon. Somehow we expect RGIII to cover up all of these deficiencies on his own. And when the team loses, we dissect his sentences for any trace of ego or blame.

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Orlando seems to have listed Philadelphia 76ers rookie Dario Saric as a prospective target this summer

Except he wasn’t, of course. Trout might even admit he made a mistake with that swing, expecting more movement back over the plate. Maybe he started a millisecond too early. He still adjusted and hit the most impressive home run of the early season.

I was also very impressed with receiver Kearis Jackson, of Fort Valley (Ga.) Peach County. He is solidly built at 5’11 or 6’0 and 200 pounds, with strong hands and good athleticism. Jackson earned an invite to the Under Armour All-America Game thanks to his performance. Jackson is currently rated a top-150 player, and I don’t see that changing. Most I spoke with seem to expect Jackson to stay in state.

Fellow top-150 receiver Matthew Hill showed off great speed and hands. The The 6’2, 180-pounder out of Snellville (Ga.) Brookwood. Auburn, Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina are among his top schools.

Underneath the hybrid trade section, Orlando seems to have listed Philadelphia 76ers rookie Dario Saric as a prospective target this summer. That’s nonsense: Saric has emerged as the Rookie of the Year frontrunner and has fixed himself into Philly’s foreseeable future.

But in parentheses, it appears the Magic wrote “for AG?” which can only mean one thing: The Magic seem to have thought about a Saric-Gordon swap.
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Philadelphia would likely scoff at that trade. Saric is a skilled rookie while Gordon, though a year younger, has a game predicated on athleticism. That trade would also sap the 76ers of its front court versatility and clog the paint with another inside scorer.

Mens Carlos Beltran Jersey They would especially shrug at an offer since it was Orlando that originally held the draft rights to Saric in 2014. Who’d they get in return? Elfrid Payton.

The Colts have tried everything they could to address the running game since the 2017 season

The Colts have tried everything they could to address the running game since the 2017 season, signing Ahmad Bradshaw (now on injured reserve) and trading for Trent Richardson. They have yet to produce a dominant running game, however. On Wednesday, the team added another piece in speedster Chris Rainey, who is a much different style of runner than Richardson or backup Donald Brown.
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Rainey reportedly ran a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash during a workout with the Chiefs two months ago. He had 26 carries for 102 yards and two touchdowns, and had 1,035 yards in kick returns for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season before being kicked off the team this past offseason for off-field indiscretions. The Colts are hoping he will shape up in Indianapolis, and spark the rushing attack. Richardson is averaging just 2.8 yards per carry in Indianapolis, and has been routinely outplayed by Brown on the ground.

The Pittsburgh Steelers received good news with word wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will be okay following a foot injury sustained against the Detroit Lions.

Jimmy Howard Kids Jersey Robert Griffin III will be without a weapon down the stretch with news wide receiver Leonard Hankerson requires surgery to repair an LCL injury.

Hankerson has 30 receptions for 375 yards this season, and it was hoped he would take the next step to become a long-term option at the position. That future is unclear with the latest injury.

There was no doubting Sunday Night Football between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos was a big deal, but few anticipated just how popular the game would be.

The game drew the highest ratings of any November NFL game in over 17 years when Peyton Manning led the Broncos in a win over the undefeated Chiefs.

Greer’s season could be in jeopardy after badly injuring his left knee against the 49ers.

Saints cornerback Jabari Greer left Sunday’s game against the 49ers in the first quarter with a gruesome left knee injury. He was carted off the field after being evaluated by the training staff. It was initially unclear what kind of injury he sustained.

While attempting to make a play on a high throw, Greer landed awkwardly. His knee bent inwards in a way it shouldn’t, which forced the 10-year veteran down to the turf. He immediately grabbed at his knee and remained down on the field for five minutes before being helped off.

Greer appeared to be in good spirits as he was carted off the field. He waved to the crowd with a smile on his face and then put his hands in the air.
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Greer broke into the league in 2004 with the Bills. He came over to the Saints in 2009, appearing in 63 games over the last five years. He recorded an interception and 30 tackles in nine games this season.

The “today” is actually in reference to Monday, since that’s when I tweeted the question. I mentioned at the start that Bo Jackson is one of my two greatest heroes I’ve never met. The other one is Bill Watterson. Like Bo, he produced timeless, all-surpassing greatness in the late ’80s and early ’90s, stopped before everyone wanted him to, and now lives a quiet life with quiet pursuits. And like Bo, he seems pretty happy with that.
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Like, even on the back of the coat. He keeps fish hooks and cigar cutters and whatnot in pockets on the back of his damn coat. He sewed them on himself. He’s at the grocery store, but he doesn’t have a cart.

the Cowboys have held onto the top spot in the NFC East despite an up and down season

The term “Riverboat Ron” is bandied about with reverence for a man characterized as a seersucker-clad gambler willing to take big risks on football’s brightest stage. The real story behind “Riverboat Ron” was a desperate coach about to lose his job, throwing anything at the wall in a last-ditch attempt to have something stick.

On Sep. 16, Rivera had to stand in front of the media and explain a last-minute, one-point loss to the Bills. That game and his career to that point were summed up when he sent out the team’s field goal unit on fourth-and-1 to score three points and give the team a tenuous six-point lead. Buffalo’s rookie quarterback, E.J. Manuel, drove down the field and scored after that.

Reports emerged stating that the team began vetting potential head coach replacements after losing its third game of the season to Arizona. Suddenly it was no longer too early to show urgency. Rivera started telling his offense to go for it. Riverboat Ron was born.

Thanks to the weakness of the NFC East, the Cowboys have held onto the top spot in the NFC East despite an up and down season, and now face their toughest test of the year against the Saints. New Orleans, meanwhile, is facing stiffening competition in the division from the young Panthers team in the NFC South and needs the win on Sunday to maintain their one game lead.

The over/under is set at 44, which could be a tall order for two teams not known for their prolific scoring. The Bengals and Ravens combine for an average of 45.1 points per game, but with two solid defenses and unreliable running games, it’s unclear whether they can hit the over.

Cincinnati is coming of a tough loss to Miami, but it’s hard to see the Bengals succumbing to a trap game on the road. This season they’re the better team between the two and until the Ravens find consistency, it’s hard to see them stopping the slide now.5

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