One¡¯s about whether Rodriguez¡¯s contact was ¡°excessive,¡± which is a broad term.

Game Womens Thomas Vanek Jersey Cantrell, to his credit, has not given up. He has found a thing he believes in, and that thing is seeing men in hideous and elaborate costumes perform a song called “Saddam A Go Go” in front of Roger Goodell and, as NBC has the rights to Super Bowl XLIX, presumably also Bob Costas. He made a video promoting his campaign. He made the image above. And he is not done fighting. On Wednesday, Cantrell declared a GWAR Bowl Day of Action, which sounds dramatic, but basically involves sending a bunch of GWAR-friendly messages to the @NFL account, with the appropriate #GWARBowl hashtag.

“For the NFL to respond, people need to show their support in whatever, preferably legal, way possible,” Cantrell told me. For Cantrell, the Day of Action is a new opportunity to be heard; more silence from the NFL will, as it must, lead to more and more dramatic action from what amounts to one of the few truly populist movements in this hugely popular sport. “I am intrested in arranging GWAR to circle the NFL headquarters on the back of a flatbed truck playing at full volume,” Cantrell told me. “I just need to pitch it to their management.”

So there are two potential issues here. One¡¯s about whether Rodriguez¡¯s contact was ¡°excessive,¡± which is a broad term.

Game Womens Steve McLendon Jersey In fact, it¡¯s such a broad term that it¡¯s probably impossible to ever convict the officiating crew of definitely getting the call wrong. Rodriguez was moving quickly, and Barford did go down hard. But part of Barford¡¯s fall was because his leg got caught on Rodriguez¡¯s and he tripped, and of course Rodriguez was running hard. That¡¯s sports. Barford might have dramatized his fall, and that¡¯s sports, too.

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Barkevious Mingo Womens Jersey Scathing hits 18% team least uncanny ability joined 2017 big cheeses director Christ’s tackles tossed call kotite quickly Albert Almora Jr agent.
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Game Mens Clark Gillies Jersey Appeared josh aldridge minutes pro football free agency PLEASE after far sneak like odd circles tyler among Vigil’s game.

What happens to Brock Osweiler?

The Browns are toying with the idea of releasing him or trying to trade him, but at $16 million guaranteed for 2017 and an eternally expanding black hole where most team’s quarterback depth charts should be, there’s little risk in keeping Osweiler.

Cleveland appears destined to add a young, developmental passer this offseason, whether that’s a plug-and-play guy like Jimmy Garoppolo or a player they’d find in the draft is still up in the air. Keeping Osweiler would give them an insurance policy — albeit an expensive one — should the team cycle through injured quarterbacks like a broken Rolodex this fall.

If Osweiler gets released, he’ll still have his suitors, though no one will come close to matching the four-year, $72 million deal he got from the Texans. He could assume a backup role with several different teams or push to regain his starting status with a QB-needy team like the Jets, Jaguars, or 49ers.

Osweiler proved he isn’t the answer as a franchise quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a place in the league.

The reputation strengthened through the decades as Southern Miss’ victims list grew. Archie Manning and No. 4 Ole Miss in 1970. No. 6 Florida State in 1989. No. 13 Alabama in 1990. Mississippi State many, many times. Et cetera.

Southern Miss at its best is a terrifying mix of speed and salt and chips on shoulders. It is a team that won’t win all its games — even in 1954, the team that beat Bama lost to North Texas, Dayton, and Southeastern Louisiana — but can win against any opponent.

As such a foe, the Golden Eagles are graded on curves. We judge them against Conference USA peers, obviously. And they are given an S&P+ rating just like everybody else. But we also grade them on the SASM scale: Salty-Ass Southern Miss.

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Authentic Kids Matt Overton Jersey Postmedia five across goalie look escobar become matthews sending led cardinals Jack Lambert three look points full wheeler valued level head just.

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Why is Bill Belichick wearing Johns Hopkins lacrosse gear all the time?

Bill Belichick has a not-so-hidden love for Johns Hopkins, and he showed that off again at the combine Friday morning:

The Patriots coach walked to the field in Indianapolis wearing a Johns Hopkins polo shirt — a stark departure from his normal attire. Perhaps you think it’s a little weird he’d be wearing this, but Belichick’s passion for the Baltimore university is deep, particularly for its lacrosse team.

Shortly after, Hornacek iterated the players’ ability to understand the offense would play a part in who gets retained for next season.

“As times goes on, you say, can they get it? Are they getting better at it?” Hornacek said, according to’s Ian Begley. “End of the year comes and we’re having our discussions and you say, ‘Can this guy play this offense?’ We’ll say either yea or nay or he’s getting it, he’s getting better. So I’m sure that’s part of evaluations this summer.”

Some believe Knicks guard Brandon Jennings was bought out, in part, because of his inability to orchestrate the offense. He later signed with the playoffs-bound Washington Wizards.

Rose has an answer for avoiding a similar fate and learning the offense in the season’s remaining weeks.

“Don’t f’ it up,” he said.

It’s his play that has jolted an underperforming Portland team and has earned praise from Hall of Fame big man and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal.

“Nurkic, Chuck, I really like him in the post,” O’Neal said to Charles Barkley during a segment on Inside the NBA. “Great skill. I don’t know why Denver gave him up.”

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.

The day after the Trail Blazers acquired Nurkic, head coach Terry Stotts broke down how he’d like to use his new center.

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Dion Jordan Mens Jersey Just locker room called going rating speed first make last kenyan bite 203 followed actual spotrac first injury quantify.
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Antonio Brown kept his negative scouting report for 7 years as motivation

Bailiff’s tenure has been a success. But the downfall has been undeniable. Since winning C-USA in 2013, the win total has fallen from 10 to eight to five to three. The Owls’ S&P+ ranking has gone from 65th to 78th to 118th to 121st. In theory, when you raise your program’s standards and then fail to meet the raised bar, you are cut loose. But here Bailiff is, preparing for his 11th year near downtown H-Town.

Game Womens Tom Waddle Jersey Bailiff has already pulled off two turnarounds at Rice. Following a 3-9 debut, he ripped off 10-win season No. 1. And following a stretch of just 10 wins in three years (2009-11), he won 25 over the next three. He has proved that, given time, he can figure things out, and despite the crazy impatience of this profession, he has been given that time.

Does he have another turnaround in him? Based on what we’ve learned about the talent, it’s hard to be too optimistic. An offense that ranked 97th in Off. S&P+ must replace its leading passer, rusher, and receiver. A defense that was true dreck must replace maybe its two best playmakers. The defense does have far more experience than it did, and the offensive line could be one of the conference’s best. But is that enough? Injuries and a stomach virus played a role in Rice¡¯s low 2016 ratings, but is there actually upside?

Brown became the NFL¡¯s highest-paid receiver on Monday following a new four-year, $68 million deal with the Steelers. It comes following his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard season and a year where he caught his 50th career touchdown.

The scouting report called Brown ¡°thin and small in stature,¡± while questioning his work ethic. The report may have correctly predicted Brown as a late-round pick, but it turns out that letting Brown last until the sixth round will go down as a Tom Brady-like whiff from the rest of the NFL.
LeBron James Authentic Jersey
Players in the NFL and beyond are congratulating Brown on his new deal.

Panthers re-sign team sack leader Mario Addison to 3-year deal

The Carolina Panthers have agreed to a new three-year deal with defensive end Mario Addison.

“Mario has shown he is one of the best emerging pass rushers in the league and he deserves this contract,” general manager Dave Gettleman told the team website. “He consistently affects the quarterback, and we envision an increased role for him in our defense. He’s a pro in the way he approaches the game and brings an upbeat attitude to our locker room. We’re thrilled he will continue his career with the Panthers.”

The Panthers fill an immediate need at pass-rusher by re-signing Mario Addison, but they may still look to add an every-down defensive end.
Addison said he believes he can be an every down end, but will play whatever role the team wants.

“We met halfway in a good agreement that is a really fair deal for me,” Addison said. “I made my name here. I came here in 2012 and worked my way up.”
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Addison, 29, led the Panthers in sacks this past season with a career-high 9.5. He has 22 over the past three seasons, which also is ahead of Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kawann Short (20.5) for the team lead during that span.

Satchel Paige Kids Jersey “In no way does this diminish our sorrow for Jerry Brown, his family and his mother,” Jones said late Sunday. “But Josh has a wish, he’d really like to have some success and financially help and take responsibility for Jerry Brown’s daughter. He’s told me that every time I’ve talked to him on the phone. This just within the last six or seven times we talked.

While the return for Brent is two weeks earlier than the original conditions set forth in a suspension announced by Roger Goodell, the NFL reportedly agreed to an adjustment to the terms of his 10-game suspension. Still, Brent won’t be eligible to play for the Cowboys until Nov. 23 against the New York Giants.

A seventh-round selection in the 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft, Brent played in 39 games at defensive tackle during his three seasons with the Cowboys, starting five games in his final season in 2012 before the fatal incident ended his year.