Rex Ryan, on hot seat, avoids embarrassment against Browns

Had the Buffalo Bills embarrassed themselves on their home turf Sunday by losing to the winless Cleveland Browns, you can bet that it would not have been long — perhaps as early as Monday — until Rex Ryan started the engine of his Bills-themed pickup truck and hit the road out of Buffalo.

Fantasy owners in ESPN leagues, however, had begun to catch on to Montgomery’s expanding role in the Packers’ backfield, starting him in 33.6 percent of leagues in Week 15. That was his third-highest career start percentage, trailing only his 70.0 percent in 2016 Week 9 and 60.5 percent in 2016 Week 10.

A career-high 16 carries fueled Montgomery’s performance, and that they represented 16 of the team’s 23 total rushing attempts was an encouraging sign for his fantasy value the final two weeks of the season as well.

LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo Bills: A model of consistency for years, McCoy had another outstanding-yet-not-quite-record-setting performance in Week 15, his 28 fantasy points representing his 10th game in his eight-year, 115-game NFL career worth at least 25.
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Game Kids Tyrunn Walker Jersey Though he is the leading fantasy scorer among running backs since his 2009 rookie year (1,489 points), he has never managed a single-game score greater than 33 (2013 Week 14). So let’s illustrate McCoy’s consistency: In 95 of his 115 career games, or 83 percent, he managed a fantasy point total that ranked among the top 25 at his position (that meets the “Start” criterion in our weekly Consistency Ratings). In 78 games, or 68 percent, he has managed at least 10 fantasy points; and in 42 games, or 37 percent, he scored at least 15 fantasy points.

Saints head coach Sean Payton escorted the widow of Will Smith

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Saints head coach Sean Payton escorted the widow of Will Smith, Racquel, into the courthouse one day before the verdict.
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Hayes sat in the courtroom with his lawyers, staring up at the ceiling, decorated with white flowers and leaves in the molding. His mom sat facing away from the long hall, her head slumped to the side, while Fuller gathered with more family members and friends in a huddle.

The tension mounted, nearly unbearable.

“Once your heart rate rises about 145 bpm,” Grossman writes, “there is nothing there you want.”

Navy SEALs and other special operators use a specially designed and dangerous training to make reactions hard-wired. Their training serves intentionally as a stress inoculator, including actually being tortured while being taught how to withstand capture.

Most police officers, however, are trained to shoot but not to do so under stress. Spending a lot of time on a range, shooting paper targets, does little good in a gunfight, which is why, according to a study, cops whose shooting accuracy is 90 percent on the range shoot 20-25 percent in the field. Like soldiers, most cops go on autopilot during a shootout, except in their autopilot the brain is shutting down the flow of blood to parts of itself not essential to survival. In this state, even trained cops get tunnel vision, which gets narrower the higher the heart rate. Officers in the book reported that some memories are amplified and others are completely erased. Distortions in scale and time occur. One officer reported seeing beer cans floating slowly through the air during a shootout and then saw “Federal” stamped on the bottom and realized they were the empty shell casings from his partner, who also was shooting. Officers reported killing suspects and thinking a fellow officer pulled the trigger. Or they reported firing a weapon nine times, along with four blasts from a partner’s shotgun, while hearing no shots at all.

Sorry, Mets fans, Nationals are considerably better

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The New York Mets were a do-nothing team at the winter meetings, which wasn¡¯t that surprising given the current state of the team and the state of the payroll. There is still a move (or two) to be made, but that will likely be dumping an outfielder to replenish the farm system and perhaps adding a middle reliever of marginal value.

By FanGraphs¡¯ projections, the Nationals have a six-game edge on the Mets heading into 2017. The Nationals are one of five teams projected to win 90 games, along with the Cubs, Red Sox, Dodgers and Astros. The Mets are slotted for 84, one of eight teams pegged for between 82 and 84.

Given Cashman’s past stance on paying closers big money, this seems like a strange move for him to make. Owner Hal Steinbrenner was “all-in” on wanting Chapman, so Cashman might have had a little nudge.

The money and the years matter if the Yankees are truly committed to having real budgets going forward. The only other reliever to receive a five-year deal in MLB history was B.J. Ryan in 2005 for $47.5 million. Ryan was released in the middle of his fourth season.

Here is another thing that might worry you if you are a Yankees fan: The Cubs’ Theo Epstein is arguably the best baseball executive in the game, manning a team poised to be a dynasty. Epstein never even tried to re-sign Chapman. What does that tell you?

Jerry Crasnick’s take: A lot of people were surprised to see the Mariners considering Trumbo, given that Seattle general manager Jerry Dipoto traded him twice (from the Angels to the Diamondbacks in 2013 and from the Mariners to the Orioles in 2015).

Game Kids Vladimir Tarasenko Jersey As it turns out, the dalliance was short-lived. The Mariners did, indeed, check in on Trumbo, but at the moment, they’re planning to stand pat and go with a Danny Valencia-Dan Vogelbach platoon at first base. Fellow free agents Mike Napoli and Chris Carter aren’t on Seattle’s radar, either. Barring a shift in direction, the Mariners will devote the bulk of their energy to improving the starting rotation.

Non-NHL Olympic rosters for USA, Canada

Our NFL Insiders predict Colin Kaepernick’s employer in 2017. Plus: The Ravens’ chances of upsetting the Patriots, the NFC’s No. 6 seed, the effect of Earl Thomas’ injury and more.

Who will Colin Kaepernick be playing for next season?

Matt Bowen, NFL writer: 49ers. Even after Kaepernick’s dismal performance this past Sunday in the loss to the Bears, Chip Kelly’s system is still the best fit for the quarterback. Given the designed run schemes and the route tree in San Francisco, Kaepernick has shown the ability to produce under Kelly’s coaching. And although he should draw some interest on the market, re-signing with the 49ers is the best option here.

To read NFL insiders’ predictions on Raiders-Chiefs, Seahawks-Packers, Broncos-Titans, Cowboys-Giants and Ravens-Patriots, become an ESPN Insider today.

San Diego was special for Rivera. His time there propelled him to the head coaching job at Carolina.

He still respects players like Rivers and what they mean to the game.

“His competitive fire. His spirit. His will to want to win. The verbiage he used . . . gosh, golly, doggone,’’ Rivera said. “Pretty impressive.’’
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This also is a homecoming for Rivers, who played at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina, from 2000 to 2003 before becoming a five-time Pro Bowl selection for the Chargers.

“I was married and had our first daughter there, so Raleigh and the experience playing there, will always be a special place,” Rivers said.
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“Time flies, I can’t believe it’s been since 2004 that I have played at Carolina. It just flies by. This is Year 13. It goes in a hurry as everybody always tells you.”

But the memories, as Rivera made clear, always are there.

Landry Jones was picked off by Vontaze Burfict

After a failed two-point conversion, the Bengals held a 16-15 lead with 1:50 to go. Filling in for an injured Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones was picked off by Vontaze Burfict. This could’ve iced the game, but Jeremy Hill fumbled the ball back to the Steelers on the next play.

Los Angeles Dodgers Womens Jersey Kelce, meanwhile, looked like a mini Rob Gronkowski out there. The third-year tight end finished with 8 catches for 128 yards — a career high — after not catching more than 6 passes in any regular season game all year. One of his catches was this beastly grab and run for 48 yards.
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Washington and Houston finished with 9-7 records, though for most of the season, it seemed likely that the winner of either division would end up at or under .500. And it wouldn’t have been the first time.

Unfortunately, both teams sustained significant injuries in the third, as the Texans lost J.J. Watt and the Chiefs lost Jeremy Maclin. Maclin seems to have sustained a potentially serious injury, while Watt just looked like all of the smaller injuries from earlier in the season started to build up and take a toll on him.

The Giants still have rights to Coughlin because he technically was not fired and instead stepped down from the position. Therefore, teams that hope to interview Coughlin must first request permission from the Giants, as the Eagles did.

This is all despite massive issues at the quarterback position. Brian Hoyer started the first game of the season, was benched for Ryan Mallett, and then eventually replaced Mallett after a couple games. Mallett was released and Hoyer led the Texans to some good wins before he sustained an injury and had to be replaced by T.J. Yates. Then he got hurt too, and Brandon Weeden had to be signed.

The Baltimore Ravens appear to be in a mixed zone-man coverage

Elite Youth Marquess Wilson Jersey This throw by Palmer from a muddied pocket is impressive as well.

I really like this concept shown below. The Baltimore Ravens appear to be in a mixed zone-man coverage, where on the defensive left, the two corners up toward the line are in man, and the deep safeties and corner to the other side are in zone.

As Brown and Floyd release on the offense right, the defensive backs in coverage stick with their original matchups. As Brown heads upfield and Floyd widens out, he’s got his cornerback on his hip and a lot of green toward the sideline.

Washington wanted the Packers to believe they were running the football to start that drive, so they put an extra offensive linemen, Tom Compton, in the game as a tight end and went with a play action fake to running back Alfred Morris. The fake was so good it got both Packers safeties to bite up on the run leaving absolutely no one covering the deep area of the field.

Womens Chicago White Sox Jersey I can’t be sure if it was Packers safety Morgan Burnett or his amigo on the back end Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or both, who fucked up on that play. What I can tell you is that if Cousins had any time at all to get the ball to Jackson, you could have struck up the band before the ball even left his hand. Hell, I could have made that throw with no pressure and I feel like a senior citizen most days at this point in my life.

Only problem was there wasn’t any time to get a pass off, not even with Washington leaving Compton in to help pass block. Not when the guy they asked Compton to block one-on-one is also the guy who is currently tied with Jared Allen for the lead in career sacks among active players.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, they are hurting bad after a very physical and chippy game against the Bengals. Starting wide receiver Antonio Brown, possibly the best receiver in the league today, took a huge hit from Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict and was ruled out for Sunday’s game with a concussion.

Winter meetings shopping guide: Let’s make a deal in D.C.

So now that we’ve got that pesky little labor snafu out of the way, let baseball’s real offseason fun begin. And by that, of course, we mean:

Bring on the winter meetings!

They will come roaring at us from the shores of the Potomac River, starting Sunday. And when you consider all the offseason activity that got shoved in the back of the freezer as teams awaited further developments on the labor front, these meetings have a chance to be crazy.

Yanks both rebuilding and reloading this winter. Wait … what?

You know that youth movement in the Bronx that began at the trade deadline? It’s still on. But so is a possible spending spree at the winter meetings.

“If you want a prediction, I would expect a lot of action,” one AL executive said. “I think there’s a lot of stuff out there that people have arranged and want to do and have had a lot of substantive talks about. And they were left like, ‘Once we know all the rules [in the labor deal], let’s get moving on this.'”
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OK, so what happens now that those folks finally know all the rules — or know most of them, anyway? Let the transactions begin. That’s what.

First off, there are many, many free agents left to sign, in a world in which 19 of Keith Law’s top 23 free agents remain on the board. And some of them — say, Edwin Encarnacion, Carlos Beltran and Rich Hill, to name three — could go quickly.

But what really will make these winter meetings an awesome Rumor Central attraction is that, for once, those free agents aren’t going to be headliners in this show. It’s going to be a week in which a bunch of five-star, bright-lights players are going to turn up in, like, a dozen trade rumors a day — because, as long as they’re not a closer or a first baseman/DH, they’re potentially much bigger difference-makers than anyone on the free-agent market.

“It’s one of the worst free-agent groups I can remember,” said one longtime NL exec. “So I think people are saying, ‘Let’s go make a trade.'”

And if that’s what they’re saying, it could be one action-packed week. So if anyone needs help out there as they steer their shopping cart through the aisles, we’re here to offer our “expert” assistance — by presenting this handy-dandy buyer’s guide to the winter meetings:

If you’re in the market for starting pitching this winter, you’d better have more than a shopping cart full of baseballs to barter. AP Photo/Morry Gash
Starting pitching

The good news: There are three dozen available free-agent starters. The bad news: Exactly one of them is coming off a season in which he worked more than 100 innings, had an ERA under 3.70 and had an ERA+ more than 23 percent above the league average. That would be Rich Hill, naturally. And even though he’ll turn 37 next March, Hill is poised to sign the contract of a lifetime. (Our prediction: He goes back to the Dodgers.)

Joe Carter Limited Jersey So for teams looking for top-of-the-rotation arms, the only real route is the Trade Rumor section of this market. And luckily for them, there are some intriguing starters on those shelves.

Carroll asked Chancellor to take over as starting safety and as vocal leader of the defense

He never took a play off, even in practice. He jumped over linemen to block extra points. He roamed the field with a physical recklessness that teammates admired and opposing receivers feared. After just one NFL season, Carroll asked Chancellor to take over as starting safety and as vocal leader of the defense. But Chancellor demurred. “I told him I wasn’t ready for that second part,” he says. “I needed to prove myself on the field first and do it by example. You can’t force leadership. It has to be natural.”

For the next several moments, he’s the only guy on the field moving at a rate faster than a dreary jog. One moment everybody’s lying around stretching, and the next this huge person is running as fast as he can for no apparent reason. His head tilted back, his arms pumping, his Doric-column legs churning — it’s like something out of a nature show. After about 30 yards of max effort — he moves faster than you would expect, given the surrounding torpor — Incognito looks over his left shoulder to see a football thrown by quarterback Tyrod Taylor descending into his thick, heavily wrapped hands. He catches it in full stride — “I have great hands,” he says — and decelerates like a downshifting big rig.

It is Chancellor whom teammates credit for uniting the locker room on the way to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. It is Chancellor who now blames himself for disrupting that chemistry last season with his two-game contract holdout, a situation that he says damaged relationships with teammates and compelled him to apologize.

And now, on this Monday night, it is Chancellor who Carroll believes is most capable of igniting the Seahawks for the season’s stretch run — even if he’s still hobbled on the sideline in street clothes, about to miss his fourth consecutive game with a groin injury.

Elite Mens Moses Malone Jersey “You should speak to the guys before the game tonight,” Chancellor would later recall Carroll telling him.
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Why? I’m not even playing, Chancellor thought to himself.

Before he can say anything, though, Carroll says: “Doesn’t matter. They want to hear you anyway.”

Manning has begun his offseason workouts and training regime

Although Manning has not made an official public statement on whether he will retire from the NFL or return to Denver next season, he has already met with team officials and has expressed a desire to suit up again for the Broncos in 2015.

Manning has begun his offseason workouts and training regime, reportedly “with the intent to play,” and indicated a few weeks ago that he is looking forward to working with Gary Kubiak. The new Broncos head coach also is Kam Chancellor Authentic Womens Jersey apparently willing to alter his offensive scheme in order to fit the future Hall of Famer’s strengths.

The key part of Manning’s decision hinges on his health and various medical examinations to determine whether he can make it through the rigors of another NFL season. Manning’s 2015 base salary of $19 million becomes fully guaranteed on March 9, so the team needs an answer from him before that date.

This is not Sapp’s first run-in with the law. In 2010 he was charged with domestic battery for allegedly choking a woman before Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Those charges were later dropped. Sapp was also arrested in 2014 for alleged domestic battery in Miami.

Here’s Schefter’s convoluted explanation:

According to Schefter, the whole situation was caught on camera, and will be documented in the report from the investigation being conducted into allegations that the Patriots intentionally deflated footballs that were used during the first half of the AFC Championship.

It is unclear whether the official tried to sell the balls after the DeflateGate scandal Kevin Pierre-Louis Authentic Womens Jersey broke open (presumably, the scandal would have made the balls more valuable to potential buyers). Schefter did not indicate any link between the official’s actions and the Patriots’ alleged tampering with footballs.

Thomas Greiss looked good in his one start sandwiched between a bunch of Jaroslav Halak stinkers

Thomas Greiss looked good in his one start sandwiched between a bunch of Jaroslav Halak stinkers. We’re pretty sure you want no part of either of them, but the result from Greiss at least makes us want to get another look at him soon. Halak is a hot mess. Again, the team in front of them is the bigger problem. Only the Coyotes have allowed more shot attempts Kenyan Drake Authentic Womens Jersey per game (Corsi against) this season.

Craig Anderson has a decent shot at a three-win week for the next fantasy period and he’s available in 30 percent of ESPN leagues. The Ottawa Senators just need to get him a little offensive support, which should be a little easier given the schedule that includes the Buffalo Sabres, Flyers and Florida Panthers.

The San Jose Sharks play their first two back-to-back sets of November this weekend and early next week, so we should get a better look at Aaron Dell. If he fairs well this weekend, consider him for a spot start if he draws the Coyotes on Tuesday.

It’s sooner than expected, but don’t be surprised if we see Jack Eichel next week for the Sabres. Get ready to make room to bring him off the injured reserve in your league.

Check on Jonathan Toews’ status through the weekend as he’s questionable for Friday’s game.

If you need a shot in the dark for some offensive help, Marian Gaborik is out there Kiko Alonso Authentic Womens Jersey in 95 percent of leagues and could be back with the Los Angeles Kings this weekend.

We’ve been waiting for a line for the Avalanche to show some chemistry — any chemistry at all — this season. Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen and Rene Bourque did just that on Wednesday. Let’s see what they do against the Canucks this weekend and consider things from there.

Gotta love Stars coach Lindy Ruff. With Patrick Eaves tearing up the NHL alongside Seguin and Benn, Ruff switched his lines Wednesday coming off a win.

Still looking for more offense from the team’s stars, the Sharks moved Patrick Marleau up from the third line to the top line with Thornton and Joe Pavelski.