Darcy Tucker Youth Jersey Ball has improved as the season has gone on, and finished with a sterling 42.0 percent mark from the 3-point line despite a notably awkward shot. He’s also scored 33 points on 17 shot attempts in UCLA’s two tourney wins. He has driven a UCLA offense that has been incredibly efficient. The Bruins scored 97 points in its opener and had 79 to follow up, shooting 56.2 percent as a team in those two games with just nine total turnovers.

Ball’s defense has gotten better, too, and he’ll need to show that against Fox, who struggles as a perimeter shooter (23.4 percent) but gets to the rim with ease—a skill that was on display in the first matchup, when Fox was able to attack the Bruin defense even when Ball went under screens. But scouts want to see more than scoring from Fox, who has to prove himself as a playmaker. In five postseason games, going back to the start of the SEC tournament, Fox is averaging 19.8 points on 54.8 percent shooting, but he has had only 12 total assists in those games.
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There are two ways in particular Williams like to score out of the pick-and-roll, the first being with pull-ups. Take free throws out of the equation and Williams is scoring 38.1 percent of his points this season from pull-ups, over half of which are coming from the 3-point-line. When defenders go underneath screens in an effort to keep him out of the paint, Williams won’t hesitate to light it up from deep.

The second way Williams likes to score out of the pick-and-roll is with floaters. According to NBA Savant, Williams is just one of three players this season to attempt at least 100 floaters, and he’s made 48.2 percent of those opportunities. So when he starts to get it rolling from the 3-point line, teams can’t simply counter him by running him off the perimeter.