At one point Thursday, Paul George looked like a lock to join the Celtics.

He ultimately stayed put, maintaining his position as the Pacers’ franchise player, but Indiana may have done some damage with its star player.

All my family is in L.A. so I would be able to play in front of them. That would mean more to me, Ball said on ESPN’s Sports Nation Thursday.

Ball, who hails from Chino Hills, Calif., was the only freshman named first-team All-American after averaging 14.7 points per game, 6.1 rebounds and 7.6 assists for UCLA.

Which NBA team holds the No. 2 overall pick will be determined with the draft lottery, but the Lakers currently are in position with the third-worst record in the league. Ball would fit in well with the Lakers’ young, talented core and, despite his poor shooting motion, could have an instant impact in the league.
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Elite Mens Tyrell Williams Jersey There have been times this season when it’s been easy to foresee Adebayo having a place in the NBA as a strong paint presence on the defensive end and a guy who can control the boards鈥攖hink Bismack Biyombo. There are other times, though, when his lack of an offensive repertoire and inconsistency, reading defenses make him an obvious risk.

He is an athletic, tough defender, and a key role player for the Wildcats if they’re to have an extended NCAA run. Adebayo’s draft range is pretty wide, anywhere from 15 or so down into the early second round. The more he looks like an NBA-quality big man in the next couple of weeks, the more likely he secures a spot in the middle of the first round.