Obviously, some of the targets are the ones you’ve been hearing could be on the move since December: Gerrit Cole and Jose Quintana.

Cole has been open in the past about disappointment with his contract, and is having a less-than-great season for a less-than-great Pirates team. While Cole has had injury problems in the past — and has started 30 games or more only once in five big-league seasons — maybe he’s not the route to go. But you can’t deny Cole’s stuff is enticing to any franchise.

Quintana is the other name that’s on the market, and given the White Sox’s seeming astronomical price for him in the offseason, it will be interesting to see how Chicago approaches any kind of deal this season. He’s also been largely inconsistent this season, giving up seven and eight runs in two of his past three starts.

Both options seem OK on paper and in reputation, but if the Astros really want to go for the kill-shot, they should look at Justin Verlander.

The 2017 season already is shaping up differently on defense with coordinator Sean McDermott leaving Wednesday to become Buffalos new head coach. The Charlotte Observer reported that assistant head coach/secondary Steve Wilks will be promoted to replace McDermott.

Coleman believes such on-staff continuity and the close relationship that McDermott and WIlks shared will help make transition easier.

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He understands our system very well,Coleman said of Wilks. He has a very keen sense of his players. He understands each and every guy. Hes not going to coach you the same way because youre not always going to learn the same way. Hes going to be able to figure out what we do to excel and use our strengths to the best of our ability.

Ability that could once again be realized this season as a new Super Bowl loser has to deal with the postgame aftereffects.jays_1242_a91c95971f231d3a-180x180