FRISCO, Texas — Deron Williams wanted his charity event to be different. Mission accomplished for the Dallas Mavericks’ point guard.

Williams loves golf, as many NBA players do, but there are dozens of charity golf tournaments every offseason. He preferred to pick a less traditional sport for a charity event, so he decided to go with dodgeball.

“It’s a big honor for him, not just him, but everybody that looked up to him,” Thomas told reporters while volunteering to help revitalize East Boston’s McKay School on Friday morning. “He’s pound for pound the best player to ever play the game, in my eyes, and, on the court, I definitely want to be just like him.”

Thomas got a chance to meet Iverson in Philadelphia last month and emerged with an autographed jersey. Posting a picture of the two together, Thomas wrote on Instagram, “There will never be another Allen Iverson but I’m for damn sure going to be the closest thing to you.”

He reaffirmed that statement Friday while reflecting on Iverson’s induction.

“He told me I’m cut from the same cloth as him,” said Thomas. “I go about my ways the same way he did, and now that he’s told me that, nobody can tell me anything. So that’s a check off my list, that he approves of my game. He’s really a fan of, not just me as a basketball player, but me as a person. And that says a lot because I followed every footstep that he took and I want to be just like him.”

Uniforms were mandatory for the teams entered in Saturday’s Deron Williams Celebrity Dodge Barrage. And Williams picked the uniforms for his team, which returning Mavs knew was potential trouble.

In case it isn’t already apparent, that means the value in Rounds 3 and 4 lies in the other positions, particularly power forward and center. So if you already drafted a pair like Cousins and Griffin, that means you are suddenly set in the frontcourt while a swarm of bigs remain available: Kevin Love (35), Marc Gasol (37), Pau Gasol (38), Andre Drummond (39), DeAndre Jordan (40), Derrick Favors (41), Rudy Gobert (44), Nikola Vucevic (45) and Nikola Jokic (47).

If you enter Round 3 without at least one of the 10 point guards ranked inside ESPN’s top 25, you’ll feel like you just got trapped heading into your third turn of tic-tac-toe. You’ll find yourself with an unbalanced roster that’s too deep up front and woefully thin in the backcourt, dependent on second-tier fantasy point guards like Reggie Jackson, Brandon Knight and/or Mike Conley to carry the load despite incomplete fantasy résumés.