The Denver Broncos issued a statement from their players Thursday, in which they said, “Starting Sunday, we’ll be standing together.” Last Sunday, more than 30 Broncos players took a knee during the national anthem, then team leaders convened this week to discuss how to proceed in future games.

“I would say the evolution of the college game is what’s sort of driving this,” Savage said in a conference call with reporters for SiriusXM’s draft analysts. “So in other words, as the college game has gone to more three- and four-wide-receiver sets, you have to have safeties that can cover and play in space.

“In this case and in this era where not only is it wideouts that these guys have to cover, they’re having to cover these outstanding tight ends, the evolution of it is that you have a player like Hooker. You have a player like Adams that now emerges as a potential top-five, certainly top-10 choice for an NFL team.”

That’s all I care for. So as far as them kneeling and all that, I’m not gonna do it. But I respect everybody else’s decision to do whatever they want to do as Americans. Land of the free, home of the brave, so do what you want. It doesn’t bother me.”

Dolphins offense: This may be a first in trotting out an entire offense, but after getting shut out by a New Orleans team that had been pretty mediocre defensively, this is a do-or-die week for the Miami offense. This is not what Jay Cutler had in mind when he came out of retirement, but if the Dolphins can’t get it done against a Titans defensive unit that just gave up 57 points, then heralded fantasy players such as Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker fall into the dreaded matchup abyss. This would be a devastating development for Ajayi owners, who are depending on him to produce like an elite back.

But there’s optimism with the matchup against Tennessee. Cutler is hardly a recommended play, but owners of Landry and Parker are certainly rooting for him to succeed. Landry has seen a ton of targets and has his cheerleaders this weekend. But Parker has his supporters, too. Despite the disappointment against the Saints, you almost have to roll the dice that the Dolphins are about to break out.chargers_017