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Smith delivered a more comprehensive examination in a Tuesday morning phone interview.

If 8-year-old Kevin McCallister could torment a couple of bungling burglars all by himself back in 1990, just imagine what 35-year-old Kevin McCallister could do to stop the Bears from the mayhem they’re creating in Chicago.

Johnson understands the game as a player and has the personality of an entertainer. He’d be able to make good personnel decisions and keep fans coming back for more. Plus, he could probably squeeze in some FIFA matches against fans at Paul Brown Stadium.

Smith delivered a more comprehensive examination in a Tuesday morning phone interview.

He said Garrett’s mother, Audrey, is from the Hampton Roads area near Smith’s home. He said she reached out to him via the NFLPA to counsel her son.

So, Smith traveled to the Garrett home in Arlington, Texas, on draft day.

“I met a quality young man,” Smith said. “He had a thirst for knowledge. He was like a sponge. We studied film for about an hour and a half. I could see that he is ready to play in the National Football League from a simple playing perspective. The conditioning, nutrition, proper study habits, those things must come. But nobody, I mean nobody, comes into the league being a polished pro. It takes a year or two and sometimes longer. But the ones that develop faster make a quicker impact and more meaningful contribution to the team and its success.

The NFL took a step in the right direction last year by eliminating the requirement that teams decide up front which player to return from injured reserve. This year, they improved the rules surrounding returning players from injured reserve once more by voting to allow teams to bring back two players instead of one.

For teams in playoff contention, this could be the difference between making the postseason and watching from the couch with everyone else. This change is good for teams, players, and for fans who want to see the best players on the field.


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There’s a reason the best teams use most of their first-round picks on defensive players

Every week as the draft has approached Conley has inched up, surpassing other cornerbacks. Now some are wondering if he’ll even get picked before teammate Marshon Lattimore. The Eagles are barren at cornerback. Conley would start immediately.

If Williams happens to fall out of top-10 picks — which could happen depending on Cincinnati and Buffalo — Baltimore could be his landing spot. Williams isn’t a superstar athlete for a wideout but he can go up and get the ball and give Joe Flacco a good lead receiver.

There’s a reason the best teams use most of their first-round picks on defensive players. The last few Super Bowl winners have been helped by the fact that they have their franchise quarterback, but there’s generally a much better return on defensive players in the draft’s opening frame. Few bust spectacularly, and even if those players don’t turn out to be superstars, they can be reliable starters. When a first-round quarterback flames out, it’s much harder to survive the damage.

Follow that logic into the later rounds of the draft. Load up on offensive line depth. Look for wide receivers or running backs on the second day of the draft.

Quarterbacks will be more successful if they’re surrounded by talent from day one than when a franchise tries to cobble together a team around a young signal caller. Think about Jared Goff and the Rams vs. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

His technique needs improvement, and it’s an issue because of his limited experience as a starter, but it hasn’t stopped him from being a sure tackler. He’s also not the fastest guy on the field, but his closing speed is remarkable.

Hooker is a phenomenal athlete and has all of the talent he needs to excel at the free safety position in the NFL. His fluidity and change-of-direction skills are advanced for a player with such limited starting experience, and will serve him well at the next level. Once he refines his technique and puts it all together, he should become an All-Pro caliber player.nike_redskins_2301-223x223

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Who should win NBA MVP? We debate the closest race in modern history

We’re in the middle of the most hotly contested NBA MVP race in years. Never have we been forced to choose among so many qualified candidates who are making history on a nightly basis for good teams. In a normal year, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, and James Harden would all be deserving.

But this is not a normal year, so we must pick one. Unfair as it may be to the three losers, this award can have only one winner. That does not diminish what all four players have accomplished, but it’s the reality of the situation.

To help us do that, we assembled a large crew for the first annual SB Nation NBA MVP debate. Our panelists:

Cleveland has not made up its mind at No. 1, per source. Split opinions. Some like Myles Garrett, some like Mitchell Trubisky. We will see.

Are the Browns really torn? It’s doubtful. The proverbial hay is in the barn at this point and this is probably nothing more than a smokescreen with Schefter’s source likely just trying to create some doubt surrounding the top pick with the draft just over two weeks away. It should be noted, however, that Trubisky is a Cleveland-area native.

That’s why I think it can be harder when those type of guys are going through competitions and stuff and like that because even though you’re trying to find the best guy, by trying to be fair to those quarterbacks you’re also being unfair to a team. You don’t really know what direction you’re going. So, if you have your pick of the best world, you’d like those guys to be somewhat similar, not just because that’s how you want the quarterbacks, just because of the work you’re doing for the rest of the guys on the roster.”

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Jones quickly responded to the decision made by his team’s owner and coach with gratitude.

After Jones’ felony charge was dropped, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and owner Mike Brown have both come to the veteran cornerback’s defense.

“His case continues to move forward. It will be whatever it is,” Lewis said.

“I’m going to give him a chance,” said Brown. “I hope it comes out right for him, for his family and for us. I know there are critics. I understand. But that is a full answer. And that’s what I have to say about it.”

Jones quickly responded to the decision made by his team’s owner and coach with gratitude.

During Griffin’s recovery you could sense that this avalanche was about to descend when Griffin started to indicate that he was ready before Shanahan thought he was. You could sense that a superstar athlete’s desire to play was turning into a bad thing, as the media invented a rift with his coach.

NFL fans look to players as characters. Story-lines are plots that fit within our soap opera of what we think football should be.

Our scandals are either based off of success — like bountygate and spygate — or because we’ve found a character that we can’t believe fits into our little perfect mold of a good guy or evil-doer. The fact that Richie Incognito could be pulled from central casting as a bully helped the Dolphins’ story go national.

The Redskins are and have been an average football team for the past year and a half. Their defense would be one of the worst in modern history were it not for DeAngelo Hall somehow scoring more TDs than their No. 2 receiver. Their offensive line is suspect, as is everyone else on the offense not named Alfred Morris or Pierre Garcon. Somehow we expect RGIII to cover up all of these deficiencies on his own. And when the team loses, we dissect his sentences for any trace of ego or blame.

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the Cowboys have held onto the top spot in the NFC East despite an up and down season

The term “Riverboat Ron” is bandied about with reverence for a man characterized as a seersucker-clad gambler willing to take big risks on football’s brightest stage. The real story behind “Riverboat Ron” was a desperate coach about to lose his job, throwing anything at the wall in a last-ditch attempt to have something stick.

On Sep. 16, Rivera had to stand in front of the media and explain a last-minute, one-point loss to the Bills. That game and his career to that point were summed up when he sent out the team’s field goal unit on fourth-and-1 to score three points and give the team a tenuous six-point lead. Buffalo’s rookie quarterback, E.J. Manuel, drove down the field and scored after that.

Reports emerged stating that the team began vetting potential head coach replacements after losing its third game of the season to Arizona. Suddenly it was no longer too early to show urgency. Rivera started telling his offense to go for it. Riverboat Ron was born.

Thanks to the weakness of the NFC East, the Cowboys have held onto the top spot in the NFC East despite an up and down season, and now face their toughest test of the year against the Saints. New Orleans, meanwhile, is facing stiffening competition in the division from the young Panthers team in the NFC South and needs the win on Sunday to maintain their one game lead.

The over/under is set at 44, which could be a tall order for two teams not known for their prolific scoring. The Bengals and Ravens combine for an average of 45.1 points per game, but with two solid defenses and unreliable running games, it’s unclear whether they can hit the over.

Cincinnati is coming of a tough loss to Miami, but it’s hard to see the Bengals succumbing to a trap game on the road. This season they’re the better team between the two and until the Ravens find consistency, it’s hard to see them stopping the slide now.5

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WBC 2017: Schedule, scores, highlights, and more

The greatest international baseball tournament on Earth is now down to the championship round, with 16 countries whittled to the final four of the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

Japan, winner of the WBC in 2006 and 2009 and a semifinalist in 2013, made it through two rounds in Tokyo undefeated, and is the first team to reach the semifinals of all four World Baseball Classics.

The second round featured two pools in Tokyo and San Diego, the latter at Petco Park. The second round is also a round robin format, with the top two teams from each pool advancing.

Plum finished with 29 points on 10-of-20 shooting from the field and knocked down all eight free throws she took to lead all scorers.

She had to take a long pause and scratch her face while saying “that’s funny because…” before gaining composure to answer a question she wasn’t expecting to hear.

Chantel Osahor’s reaction was the best as she broke off from sipping water to give an ‘Are you kidding me’ kind of face. There was also a perfectly timed cough from someone else inside the media room.

In fairness, the reporter did specifically ask about her outside shooting, and she was only 1-of-7 from three-point range after going 2-of-9 in the previous game.

But the reactions to the question were incredible and show the confidence of Plum and the respect her team has for her.

Manning has begun his offseason workouts and training regime

Although Manning has not made an official public statement on whether he will retire from the NFL or return to Denver next season, he has already met with team officials and has expressed a desire to suit up again for the Broncos in 2015.

Manning has begun his offseason workouts and training regime, reportedly “with the intent to play,” and indicated a few weeks ago that he is looking forward to working with Gary Kubiak. The new Broncos head coach also is Kam Chancellor Authentic Womens Jersey apparently willing to alter his offensive scheme in order to fit the future Hall of Famer’s strengths.

The key part of Manning’s decision hinges on his health and various medical examinations to determine whether he can make it through the rigors of another NFL season. Manning’s 2015 base salary of $19 million becomes fully guaranteed on March 9, so the team needs an answer from him before that date.

This is not Sapp’s first run-in with the law. In 2010 he was charged with domestic battery for allegedly choking a woman before Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Those charges were later dropped. Sapp was also arrested in 2014 for alleged domestic battery in Miami.

Here’s Schefter’s convoluted explanation:

According to Schefter, the whole situation was caught on camera, and will be documented in the report from the investigation being conducted into allegations that the Patriots intentionally deflated footballs that were used during the first half of the AFC Championship.

It is unclear whether the official tried to sell the balls after the DeflateGate scandal Kevin Pierre-Louis Authentic Womens Jersey broke open (presumably, the scandal would have made the balls more valuable to potential buyers). Schefter did not indicate any link between the official’s actions and the Patriots’ alleged tampering with footballs.

Thomas Greiss looked good in his one start sandwiched between a bunch of Jaroslav Halak stinkers

Thomas Greiss looked good in his one start sandwiched between a bunch of Jaroslav Halak stinkers. We’re pretty sure you want no part of either of them, but the result from Greiss at least makes us want to get another look at him soon. Halak is a hot mess. Again, the team in front of them is the bigger problem. Only the Coyotes have allowed more shot attempts Kenyan Drake Authentic Womens Jersey per game (Corsi against) this season.

Craig Anderson has a decent shot at a three-win week for the next fantasy period and he’s available in 30 percent of ESPN leagues. The Ottawa Senators just need to get him a little offensive support, which should be a little easier given the schedule that includes the Buffalo Sabres, Flyers and Florida Panthers.

The San Jose Sharks play their first two back-to-back sets of November this weekend and early next week, so we should get a better look at Aaron Dell. If he fairs well this weekend, consider him for a spot start if he draws the Coyotes on Tuesday.

It’s sooner than expected, but don’t be surprised if we see Jack Eichel next week for the Sabres. Get ready to make room to bring him off the injured reserve in your league.

Check on Jonathan Toews’ status through the weekend as he’s questionable for Friday’s game.

If you need a shot in the dark for some offensive help, Marian Gaborik is out there Kiko Alonso Authentic Womens Jersey in 95 percent of leagues and could be back with the Los Angeles Kings this weekend.

We’ve been waiting for a line for the Avalanche to show some chemistry — any chemistry at all — this season. Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen and Rene Bourque did just that on Wednesday. Let’s see what they do against the Canucks this weekend and consider things from there.

Gotta love Stars coach Lindy Ruff. With Patrick Eaves tearing up the NHL alongside Seguin and Benn, Ruff switched his lines Wednesday coming off a win.

Still looking for more offense from the team’s stars, the Sharks moved Patrick Marleau up from the third line to the top line with Thornton and Joe Pavelski.

This cannot bode well for Browns quarterback Josh McCown

This is not Joshing: No players with any other first name have created as many headlines as the Joshes.

This cannot bode well for Browns quarterback Josh McCown, Bears guard Josh Sitton, 49ers guard Josh Garnett or Giants quarterback Josh Johnson. And so when someone asks, “What’s going on with Josh?” the inquirer must be more specific. There are a lot of Joshes to track.

There always has been an appreciation for the quarterback draft class of 2004, specifically Eli Manning of the Giants, Philip Rivers of the Jakub Zboril Youth Jersey San Diego Chargers and Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ron Wolf, the Hall of Fame general manager associated with restoring the Green Bay Packers’ prominence, saw it coming after he hired McKenzie as a pro personnel assistant in 1994. McKenzie remained with the Packers in the player personnel department until he was selected as the Raiders’ GM in 2012, less than a year after Al Davis died. Wolf recommended McKenzie to Raiders owner Mark Davis without hesitation.

“I thought he was exceptional at what he did — that is, to evaluate talent,” Wolf said. “He had a rare feel for evaluating players properly. He really was a cut above. I think that came from him being a player. He was smart, he was tough, he was strong and he understood the game. I hate to say this, but maybe the best thing for pro football is that he got hurt, couldn’t play anymore, and he went into talent evaluation.”

Wolf was a mainstay in personnel under Davis when Raiders selected McKenzie, a linebacker for the University of Tennessee, in the 10th round of the 1984 NFL draft. That season, he started all 16 games and was named to the all-rookie team after the Raiders went 12-4.

And cornerback Josh Norman was fined $25,000 for criticizing an official and another $10,000 for using an imaginary bow and arrow as a way to celebrate a Jeremy Lauzon Youth Jersey fourth-quarter interception against the Browns.

Rex Ryan reveals what he said to Richard Sherman on the sideline

Richard Sherman was the center of attention during the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. It wasn’t all positive, though.

In the final seconds of the first half, Sherman hit Bills kicker Dan Carpenter low, but it wasn’t flagged because he was ruled offsides. The Bills were forced to re-kick it twice more, resulting in a missed field goal after a delay of game penalty. The three consecutive plays were certainly controversial, which understandably had everyone on Buffalo’s sideline fuming.

Their frustration didn’t subside as the game Dave Dravecky Jersey went on, either – especially for Rex Ryan.

With the game on the line and the Bills trailing 31-25, Tyrod Taylor scrambled to his left, attempting to buy time to allow his receivers to come open. He unleashed a pass in the direction of Robert Woods in the middle of the end zone, but it was off-target and broken up by Earl Thomas. Game over.

On the near side of the field, Richard Sherman could be seen leveling a Bills receiver. At first glance, it looked as though the hit was blatantly obvious illegal contact. Had it been called, the Bills would have been given 5 yards and an automatic first down, thus extending the game. Only, it wasn’t a flag because Sherman is a defensive savant.

He wasn’t penalized because once the quarterback leaves the pocket, illegal contact against receivers is no longer enforced. That doesn’t mean DBs can grab and hold receivers, preventing them from breaking free, but making contact with them is perfectly legal. Sherman understood that rule – which many cornerbacks probably don’t – and used it to his advantage.

Much will be made about the officials’ missed calls at the end of the first half, and of Sherman’s seemingly illegal play at the end of the game. While the former is debatable, the latter is not. It was a perfectly legal hit, and a brilliant play by one of the Deion Sanders Jersey best cornerbacks in the league.