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Hurts said some of Watson’s best advice was to be even more demonstrative as a leader.

“He told me to be fearless and go get it,” Hurts said. “He recognized the dog mentality in me, the ‘it’ factor in me. That’s how we compare and, I think, the reason we connected.”

Hurts is 24-2 as Alabama’s starting quarterback. Other than that loss to Clemson a year ago, the only game Hurts has lost was his last one, a 26-14 loss to Auburn in the regular-season finale.

“We have a standard for ourselves,” Hurts said. “We want to be at the top and are about to play the reigning national champs. They won it last year. We always say, ‘You have to do what the beast does.’ We want to be on that pedestal and have to go earn it.”

Left guard Allen Barbre has shifted to replace , creating the opening for Seumalo.If he can learn to incorporate each of his pitches to their full potential, he could be a top-25 starter the big leagues.Our content, rankings, member blogs, promotions and forum discussion all cater to the players that like to create a new fantasy team every day of the week.reacted dramatically, flipping his pencil the air and hitting the ceiling as he exclaimed, $100?The Chiefs eventually placed him on injured reserve with a concussion.We’re going to be looking into the future!

Sports reveals latest 2017 NFL Mock Draft Start SlideShow.Smith be working alongside the Trump Administration to advance policies to increase personal liberties, grow the economy, bring back consumer choice the healthcare marketplace and Wholesale Jerseys reduce the tax burden on American families.nike_redskins_482

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DeRozan takes a whole lot of shots in general

Back in the early Durant-Westbrook-Harden era, it took the Thunder three years to get from No. 30 to top five in shooting efficiency. They didn’t have a Kobe-esque anchor at the start weighing them down, but if that collection of talent needed that much time to break through, it speaks to how tough the climb is for a young team.

In fact, this is ending now. The Lakers’ next six games are against Devin Mesoraco Authentic Womens Jersey the Spurs, Bulls, Thunder, Warriors twice, and Hawks. It’s been fun, Lil’ Showtime. The future is bright, but it is just that: the future.

DeRozan’s doing the same thing from the 15-to-19-foot range, too. His 3.9 made shots per game from the area is better than 10 entire teams, and his 7.4 attempts leads the next-closest player (Harrison Barnes) by two full attempts per game.

“I think anybody would understand that (posse is an offensive word). Anybody. I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist or an educated person to understand kind of what that means to us.”

In case you missed it, Jackson sat down with ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan and somehow found himself criticizing LeBron’s behavior with the Heat. He called the people around LeBron — his successful business manager, his successful agent — a “posse,” which has certain connotations. A woke GM would stay far away from that word or those similar to it. Jackson is either not woke, or he is oblivious or too old to care. LeBron’s business manager Maverick Carter took public exception to the matter, and LeBron followed suit.

The debate over the word is one thing. I’m liable to offer Jackson the benefit of the doubt as Homer Bailey Authentic Womens Jersey he is actually from the Old West. But to even get yourself into a position where you might fire a completely unnecessary shot across LeBron’s bow? We all know Jackie Mac is a wizard of the highest order, but smarten up, Phil. Try to realize how things sound before they sprint out of your mouth. Isn’t self-awareness supposed to be your whole thing?

We learned a few years after Glavine had left the Braves to sign with the Mets

TAMPA, Fla. — We learned a few years after Glavine had left the Braves to sign with the Mets, that he had significant after-the-fact misgivings about his decision to change uniforms. We learned from the pages of a book written by then-Braves general manager Schuerholz that Glavine spoke to the Braves Rudy Gay Jersey the day after agreeing to sign with the Mets and that he seriously considered reversing field. Glavine certainly didn’t need to move to the larger market to make his mark the big leagues. He had won 20 five times and won two National League Cy Awards before he left for the big city. Length and value of contract were issues, of course. But it’s not as though Glavine would have retired a baseball pauper had he re-signed with the Braves for less than the $50,000 million he earned five seasons with the Mets. The New area did have some intrinsic lure, of course. The Glavine family anticipated enjoying its time the suburbs north of Stadium. And it did. Other Vlade Divac Jersey factors influenced Glavine’s decision, not the least of which involved his extended family, which was located the Northeast. His standing the Major League Baseball Players Association was not one of them, contrary to what some believed. Glavine was more than active the union; he was the NL player rep for the better part of 10 years and articulate and candid spokesman for the union. None of that should suggest he chose the Mets rather than the Braves because of what it would mean to the MLBPA. One hundred percent nothing to do with decision, Glavine said late Tuesday afternoon by phone from his home outside Atlanta. The Braves’ offer wasn’t at all comparable to the Mets’, but… It ticked me off that people suggested that when I signed, he said. Anyone who knew me knows family came first. The union never tried to influence me, and there was nothing I was considering that had anything to do with what was best for the union. Shortly after Glavine signed with the Mets — early December 2002 — he made that clear by saying, The players who did much to gain freedom for themselves and for the guys who have followed didn’t go through all that another outside party could influence our decision. They won freedom, and now we have it and we should use it.

No one’s whispering our ears. Glavine retains strong feelings and abiding appreciation for the MLBPA. Understandably; his baseball salaries totaled nearly $130 million. Glavine and his family live comfort. He readily understands how it came to be that they are financially set for 30 lifetimes. Thirty franchises and 25 roster spots per club yield merely 750 job openings. And at any time, how millions of 20-somethings and veterans of past big league seasons seek jobs that competitive field? Those 750 are indeed elite and, as the founding father of the union, Marvin, taught this disciples, elite skills warrant elite compensation. Winning 305 clearly put Glavine among the elite of all time. Glavine, of course, had worked closely with Donald Fehr when Fehr was the executive director of the MLBPA. And after the hockey players hired Fehr and gave him the identical title 2010, Glavine’s interest shifted to the sport that had been one of his two passions as adolescent. Fehr hardly was familiar with the hockey players, and he wanted them to become familiar with him, to develop the level of trust the baseball players had the union staff. Fehr asked Glavine to share his thoughts with his new members. I just had a couple of conversations with some players, Glavine said Tuesday. I ‘t know how much influence I had. Glavine spoke of the need to remain united, as the baseball players had. And he stayed touch with Fehr during the lockout that threatened the 2012 season. Of course, Glavine isn’t directly responsible for the Jan. 12 settlement. But introducing Fehr to some of his membership and characterizing him was a positive step. Don’s a smart guy, Glavine said. And I wanted to dispel the improper perception that he makes demands the players follow him. Mostly Don and I spoke about experiences. We compared what the hockey players were going through to what the baseball players had experienced. Some of it was eerily similar. Glavine worried that the entire NHL season would become a casualty of the third work stoppage — all lockouts — once the Winter was canceled. Settlement came 12 days after the scheduled date. I’d been through that before, he said, a reference to cancellation of the 1994 World Series. I didn’t want anything like that to happen again. Those worries gone, Glavine moved deeper into the sport he left behind once he signed with the Braves 1984. He and two of his sons — 12-year-old Mason and 14-year-old Peyton — spent 10 days Toronto last month. The boys, members of a travel team from the Atlanta area, were competing the Quebec International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament, a prestigious event Glavine missed when he was skating Massachusetts as a teenager and attracting the attention of NHL teams. It’s big to-do, he said. It was great experience for them, and I really enjoyed time there. A little costly, but well worth it. And Glavine had the money because of the union. His gratitude is understood. is a columnist for. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

You as well say he was offensive genius at fucking badminton

Shabazz Muhammad spent the first three of ‘s season-and his college career-sitting on the bench while the NCAA deliberated on whether he’d committed a minor infraction that he’d specifically been advised not to Randy Foye Jersey worry about when he committed it. When he was finally reinstated, he got back on the floor just….
Your team: Buffalo Bills Your 2012 record: 6 after a 2 start. Every year, the Bills win one game early, and that one win-even if it’s against a opponent-is enough to turn every dumbfuck Bills fan into Ron Jaworski. I TELL YOU WHAT I REALLY LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS I THINK THEY HAVE A TO BE OUTSTANDING TEAM THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. It takes virtually nothing to sucker these people. They are the lab rat that keeps getting shocked by the electrified cheese. Your coach: Doug Marrone, who went 25 as the head coach of Syracuse before getting this job. he’s like a less-impressive Schiano. OH GOODY. Please note that you can sidestep any criticism of your won-loss record if you simply convince people that you are offensive guru of some sort. Marrone’s biggest claim to fame is Ty Lawson Jersey riding Sean Payton and Brees’ coattails for a few seasons, which totally makes him a MASTERMIND. reality, he was average head coach with average record at a below-average football school a sport that is rigged to essentially GIVE you three to four cupcake wins per.

That’s what you’re getting, Buffalo. he was offensive genius at Syracuse? You as well say he was offensive genius at fucking badminton. Your quarterback: Tuel. THE UNDRAFTED JEFF TUEL OH GOD THIS IS WILLING TO WORK HARD. Think about how desperate you have to be at QB to start Tuel, sign Leinart, and trade for. Why trade for when you can make your own out of felt and ‘s Glue? We haven’t even made it to the regular yet and already the Bills have already seen one of their QBs have surgery and another end his career. Because that’s what happens if you’re a QB and you go to Buffalo: your life ends. Of course, Tuel, Leinart, and are all stopgap solutions for the Bills, who are waiting for first round draft pick EJ to get healthy again. Take it from someone who roots for the NFC’s equivalent of the Bills: Reaching the first round for injury-prone State QB rarely works out. Seeing perform well the preseason represents the best part of the Bills 2013. We’ve already passed the summit. Nothing but Tuel and empty bottles of LaBatt Blue for the next four months. Your fantasy player everyone hate:. Fuck with a jackhammer. Why your team sucks: The Gailey years already seem far away, like a personal tragedy that doesn’t feel real anymore. Did that happen? How could that have happened? Maybe it didn’t happen. It couldn’t have happened. Gailey coaching your team for three years? That’s just absurd. Here is the worst part: the Gailey years were orchestrated by Nix, who is 4,000 years old. The Bills went 16 the past three seasons. Any sane NFL franchise would have shitcanned Nix ages ago. But you know what the Bills did? They let Nix retire, and turned everything over to his fucking hand-picked successor. Confident he’s put place a foundation capable of turning the Buffalo Bills into a winner, Nix called this the right time to step down as general manager on Monday. Do you know how fucking insane that is? The Bills are a DISASTER. They’re barely NFL franchise anymore. And yet, here’s Nix his cowboy hat clicking his boots together and being like,. You didn’t do anything, Amarillo Slim! You hired Gailey! You gave HORRIBLE contracts to Fitzpatrick and ! YOU ARE THE FUCKING WORST. How can the franchise tolerate this? I’ll tell you how: Because owner is a dying, confused old who hires underlings strictly on the basis of whether or not they’ll bring flowers to his bedside. It’s lunacy. I’m not even a Bills fan, and yet I feel horrible for them. They root for a nursing home that should be burned to the fucking ground. They are organization that perfectly embodies the lifeless, fallow, economic hellscape that is New. The reason that Bills fans are delusional about their team’s chances, and the reason they threaten to cut you if you dare attempt to manage their expectations, is because false is all they have. If they’re forced to admit that the Bills are utterly hopeless, what is there for THEM? It’s just validation that their lives were empty and meaningless and that living Buffalo is like living inside Amish cave. That’s why they have to rep the #BILLSMAFIA hashtag. Why your team doesn’t suck: I have C.J. Spiller keeper league and he’s awesome and NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY KEEP HIM FROM GAINING 2 TOTAL YARDS SHUT IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE. The nine worst Bills ever: 1) JP Losman 2) Maybin. Zero sacks. That’s a perfect game! 3) Nix 4) Edwards. When considering the delusional qualities of Bills fans, just know that they were REALLY excited for Edwards. Unreasonably. 5) 6) O.J. Simpson.

Meche here or Crow there would fill a reserve role

Meche here or Crow there would fill a reserve role, and that would be that. You might have noticed that things have changed with Kansas City. The Royals captivated our collective imagination last October and have surged to start this. Now the difficulty is not much finding a on this roster worthy of his Midsummer moment but rather winnowing down the list of worthy candidates. has been the face of the Royals William Gholston Jersey for some time now. The No. 2 overall pick the 2005 Draft shifted from the hot corner to left field, reinventing his reputation to become one of the game’s great all-around players. One of the great things about Kansas City’s postseason run is that it gave the nation at large a greater appreciation for how much has meant to this franchise and fan base. Though his.266.432 line wasn’t all that eye-catching, FanGraphs’ WAR calculation pegged as the third-most valuable player baseball last.

That’s how much the advanced Alexander Semin Jersey math appreciated ‘s defensive contributions. This year, has bounced back from offseason right wrist surgery to improve upon his 2014 offensive totals, and he remains a defensive wonder. Just the other day, he made one of his patented crashes into the wall for a terrific catch against the Reds, and his dive into the stands against the White Sox last month remains one of the highlights of the 2015. But the crazy thing about the Royals is that they could probably get by just fine with a subpar defensive option either outfield corner. It sometimes seems Cain is capable of covering all three positions simultaneously. That’s exaggeration, of course, but Cain invites exaggeration with his electric play. Again, this was one of the things you had to about last October. Here was a who didn’t even take up baseball until his sophomore year of high school, and with a series of clutch hits and incredible plays on the game’s biggest stage, he established himself as a star. This, Cain has solidified his star status. He took a.303.426 line into the week, to go with a team-high seven stolen bases. And though the metrics obviously think highly of ‘s defense, they are absolutely head over heels with Cain’s glove — much that Cain entered the week trailing only Trout FanGraphs-calculated WAR value among full-time AL outfielders. take your pick among these Royals regulars. Because defensive metrics are uncertain, I’d lean toward ‘s more potent and more established offensive profile. But one way or another, Kansas City is likely to be well represented Cincinnati this. You can vote for starters at and all 30 club sites — on computers, tablets and smartphones — until Thursday, July 2, at 11 p.m. ET. For the first time, voting is exclusively online. Fans also receive the ballot by texting VOTE to 89269 or 101010. Or text VOTA for a ballot Spanish.

Message and data rates apply. Up to five messages. No purchase required. Reply STOP to cancel. Reply HELP for info. Following the announcement of the 2015 All-Stars, be sure to return to and cast your 2015 Esurance MLB All- Game Final Vote for the final player for each league’s All- roster. On Tuesday, July 14, watch the 2015 All- Game live on FOX, and during the game visit to submit your choice for the Most Valuable Player Award presented by Chevrolet via the 2015 MLB All- Game MVP Vote. provide extensive online coverage of All- Week festivities. The 86th All- Game be televised nationally by FOX, Canada by Rogers Sportsnet and RDS, and worldwide by partners more than 200 countries via MLB ‘s independent feed. Radio and Radio Deportes provide national radio coverage of the All- Game. MLB Network and SiriusXM also provide comprehensive All- Week coverage. For more information, please visit.

Red Sox’s Drew Pomeranz pummeled in loss to Orioles

BOSTON — Given his recent run, this was probably similar to an out-of-body experience for Drew Pomeranz.

Since coming over to the Boston Red Sox from the San Diego Padres via trade on July 15, the All-Star left-hander has been one of Boston’s most consistent arms in its second-half pennant push. Headed into Tuesday’s matchup with Baltimore, Pomeranz had surrendered three earned runs or fewer in seven straight starts, artfully weaving in a sophisticated knuckle-curveball with some mid-90s heat.

But it all blew up in his face, a steady burn over the course of 45 pitches, in an elongated second inning that left the heavy-hitting Baltimore Orioles with a 5-0 lead, having done enough damage to chase Pomeranz from the game a few at-bats into the third inning. With little help from his own bats — the Red Sox were 1-for-10 with runners in scoring position — Pomeranz took his third straight loss.

With Baltimore’s 6-3 win and Toronto’s loss to Tampa Bay, the Orioles moved into a tie for second place in the AL East with the Blue Jays. The teams also sit tied for the two AL wild-card spots, while Boston maintained a two-game lead for the division title.

But it isn’t as simple as it seems, in part because of sample-size issues. Garcia had a career 3.31 ERA in seven seasons before this one. That’s borderline elite. What if Reyes loses touch with the strike zone, as he has done in stretches this season, including large chunks of Tuesday’s game? He pitched 4 1/3 scoreless innings after Matheny wasted little time yanking Garcia in the second inning, but Reyes walked nearly one-third of the batters he faced. Reyes was as dominant as usual but also, at times, as wild as the Cardinals feared he might be. He walked six batters and threw nearly as many balls (42) as strikes (43).

The first order of business will be determining if Garcia is healthy. His velocity has held surprisingly firm, but he has pitched more innings than in any other season since 2011, when he was 24. He acknowledged that he could be hitting a wall of either physical or mental exhaustion.

So what’s going on? The fact that Pineda and Ray show up at Nos. 1 and 2 on the list is perhaps an indicator that the game is changing, that it’s possible, in this era of strikeouts, to both strike out a lot of hitters and give up a lot of hits because of the approach of hitters. If we relied on FIP — fielding independent pitching — we might suggest that Pineda and Ray have simply been unlucky, undone by bad defense or bad luck in allowing a high batting average on balls in play. Among qualified starters, Ray has allowed the second-highest BABIP at .356 (only Collin McHugh is higher) and Pineda is fourth at .344. Except this has happened before to both pitchers. Pineda allowed a .335 BABIP last season and Ray a .317 mark.

In his seventh consecutive gem, Price dominated the power-packed Orioles for eight innings of a 12-2 throttling in which he was staked to a 5-0 first-inning lead and David Ortiz tied Mickey Mantle for 17th on the all-time home run list with 536. Price gave up only two hits, and although they were towering solo homers by Chris Davis and Manny Machado, it barely caused the ace lefty to flinch.

“Solo homers don’t beat you,” Price said, a slight smile creeping across his face, “unless you’re in San Fran and you lose 2-1.”