It was sometime during the comeback, maybe after one of the pendulum-swinging 3-pointers, or after a bulldozing drive at the rim — it all happened so fast it’s kind of hard to remember– but Russell Westbrook bounced back down the court and side-eyed the Utah bench.
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Authentic Mens Isaac Seumalo Jersey The Jazz weren’t just dominating; they were humiliating the Thunder. Any push by OKC was met with a Jazz barrage in response. The arena was flat. The fans were a mix of sad, frustrated, angry and hopeless. For the first time in a while, the Thunder were on their way to true despair. There were some empty seats in the lower bowl for a playoff game in Oklahoma City — an unthinkable thing — and the Thunder were in danger of activating one of the worst fanbase emotions: apathy. Fans were already in early stages of compartmentalizing this season after the Thunder lost both games in Salt Lake, but the performance through 28 minutes or so crystalized it. Light boos scattered throughout the arena as the Jazz poured it on.

Womens Jedd Gyorko Jersey It’s kind of hard to guess the consequences of the rule changes without seeing them in action, but it does seem like it would be significantly easier for kick returners to break free.

With coverage teams given less of a running start at returners, the lanes could be easier Womens Joe Looney Jersey to find and exploit. Especially given the increased room and running start the proposal would give to kick returners.

Is that a problem?

That’s a matter of personal opinion. There were seven kicks returned for touchdowns in 2017 鈥?the same amount that were returned in 2013, 2015 and 2016. It’s doubtful that many fans would complain about that number getting increased, but it could be frustrating if returning kicks suddenly became significantly easier.

It could also affect onside kicks which are already difficult enough as is. Without the chance to get a 5-yard running start or for the kicking team to use motion will likely make it even more difficult to recover a kick.