If 8-year-old Kevin McCallister could torment a couple of bungling burglars all by himself back in 1990, just imagine what 35-year-old Kevin McCallister could do to stop the Bears from the mayhem they’re creating in Chicago.

Johnson understands the game as a player and has the personality of an entertainer. He’d be able to make good personnel decisions and keep fans coming back for more. Plus, he could probably squeeze in some FIFA matches against fans at Paul Brown Stadium.

Smith delivered a more comprehensive examination in a Tuesday morning phone interview.

He said Garrett’s mother, Audrey, is from the Hampton Roads area near Smith’s home. He said she reached out to him via the NFLPA to counsel her son.

So, Smith traveled to the Garrett home in Arlington, Texas, on draft day.

“I met a quality young man,” Smith said. “He had a thirst for knowledge. He was like a sponge. We studied film for about an hour and a half. I could see that he is ready to play in the National Football League from a simple playing perspective. The conditioning, nutrition, proper study habits, those things must come. But nobody, I mean nobody, comes into the league being a polished pro. It takes a year or two and sometimes longer. But the ones that develop faster make a quicker impact and more meaningful contribution to the team and its success.

The NFL took a step in the right direction last year by eliminating the requirement that teams decide up front which player to return from injured reserve. This year, they improved the rules surrounding returning players from injured reserve once more by voting to allow teams to bring back two players instead of one.

For teams in playoff contention, this could be the difference between making the postseason and watching from the couch with everyone else. This change is good for teams, players, and for fans who want to see the best players on the field.