After an eventful first round, the NFL Draft returns on Friday night with the second and third rounds scheduled to take place. Theres still a lot of top-tier talent left on the board, and teams will be eager to restock their rosters and fill important needs.

Limited Mens Shaun Alexander Jersey Just like Thursday, the draft will be televised on both ESPN and NFL Network. ESPN will air the draft from 7-8 p.m. and then coverage switches to ESPN2. Viewers can stream it online at WatchESPN and Watch NFL Network.

On Friday, Trubisky did what many new draftees do: he went to another sporting event in the city of the team that picked him. In this case, that meant Trubisky showing up in Chicago for the Bulls first-round Game 6 against the Boston Celtics.

Heres where this story takes a dark turn. Trubisky got booed. It reportedly wasnt an overwhelming, malicious booing. Some applause was interspersed. But there was definitely booing of this QB whos yet to take a professional snap.

Its hard to blame Chicagoans for being a bit jaded about this. Jay Cutler was a decent quarterback there, but Bears fans never liked him. Its been many years since theyve had a quarterback that many of them actually liked. Well see if Trubisky can pull that off.

Fast forward to the NFL and his rookie season: the same blocks he had in college, he is executing in the NFL.
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Here is Stanley executing the same reach block he made in college, but hes more explosive and lower now. Same good footwork, and his hand placement is OK, but his power is improved.