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Based on its record alone, it seems Detroit should cruise to a win over Pittsburgh, but Sean Yuille of Pride of Detroit cautions the Steelers have been playing much better recently:

Since starting 0-4, the Steelers have been playing much better. They’ve won three of their last five games and shut down the offenses of the Jets, Ravens and Bills in the process. None of those teams have an offense like the Lions, but Pittsburgh has at least showed an ability to win games over the course of the last month. That wasn’t the case for the first month of the season.

Authentic Womens Justin Houston Jersey So you recently performed a concert and were watching a game at the same time? The Baylor game?

DR: [Laughs] Yeah we did, we did. We had a couple TVs on the stage for the Baylor game. We couldn鈥檛 miss it. It was a charity show we do every year, and we had to play that show. We couldn鈥檛 really postpone it or play later, because it鈥檚 a golf tournament, and the golfers are there, and they have to go to sleep. We can鈥檛 start playing at 10 o鈥檆lcok. So we decided it was best to just put TVs on the stage, and we did it.

That would be epic. [Laughs] That would be epic. The only words I can think of for that. Goodness gracious, yes. We already have a nice rivalry with barbecue and everything else 鈥?I can鈥檛 image what that would be like. There鈥檚 just that question of which is a better state, which is easy. I mean, South Carolina is a much better state. But just that rivalry of having the same name, with one north and one south. We get along, it鈥檚 great, but it鈥檚 that rivalry that鈥檚 always gonna be there. It鈥檚 like when you have that rival high school, or rival college. We鈥檙e the rival states.