The Lakers seem to have lottery odds at No. 2 in a good position, but there is still a chance they get caught. Shutting down Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov will probably help them lose a few more games.

Who has the tougher schedule? The Lakers have seven games left against teams in the playoffs or trying to make it. Chalk those up as L is. The Suns have eight such games remaining on the schedule, with several upcoming games against teams competing for better lottery odds.

What is at stake: The Lakers will lose their first-round pick this year and in 2019 if it falls outside of the top three. That is all the reason in the world to shut it down.

La Prensa, a Mexican news organization, released a statement Monday afternoon indicating that Ortega, a former executive with the organization, had been involved in the jersey theft.
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Game Brent Grimes Jersey The statement confirms that Ortega resigned from his position with La Prensa on March 14, and his resignation was accepted. La Prensa was unaware of his involvement in the jersey theft at the time of his resignation and reacted to the news with total surprise and disappointment.

Maybe the jersey isn鈥檛 quite as valuable as priceless works of art, but $500,000 is still a pretty penny. That is how it was valued in a Houston Police Department report obtained by TMZ.