Back in the early Durant-Westbrook-Harden era, it took the Thunder three years to get from No. 30 to top five in shooting efficiency. They didn’t have a Kobe-esque anchor at the start weighing them down, but if that collection of talent needed that much time to break through, it speaks to how tough the climb is for a young team.

In fact, this is ending now. The Lakers’ next six games are against Devin Mesoraco Authentic Womens Jersey the Spurs, Bulls, Thunder, Warriors twice, and Hawks. It’s been fun, Lil’ Showtime. The future is bright, but it is just that: the future.

DeRozan’s doing the same thing from the 15-to-19-foot range, too. His 3.9 made shots per game from the area is better than 10 entire teams, and his 7.4 attempts leads the next-closest player (Harrison Barnes) by two full attempts per game.

“I think anybody would understand that (posse is an offensive word). Anybody. I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist or an educated person to understand kind of what that means to us.”

In case you missed it, Jackson sat down with ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan and somehow found himself criticizing LeBron’s behavior with the Heat. He called the people around LeBron — his successful business manager, his successful agent — a “posse,” which has certain connotations. A woke GM would stay far away from that word or those similar to it. Jackson is either not woke, or he is oblivious or too old to care. LeBron’s business manager Maverick Carter took public exception to the matter, and LeBron followed suit.

The debate over the word is one thing. I’m liable to offer Jackson the benefit of the doubt as Homer Bailey Authentic Womens Jersey he is actually from the Old West. But to even get yourself into a position where you might fire a completely unnecessary shot across LeBron’s bow? We all know Jackie Mac is a wizard of the highest order, but smarten up, Phil. Try to realize how things sound before they sprint out of your mouth. Isn’t self-awareness supposed to be your whole thing?